6 quality ways you can implement to improve your results from your next workout

1) Stick to big basic compound movements on your Strength/Resistance Training like Leg Presses, Squats, Dead lifts, Chin ups/Pull ups,  Lat Pull downs, Rows, Bench/Chest press, Dips and Shoulder presses.  These big exercises will give you great results in the most efficient time as these exercises involve a lot of muscle which will improve the quality of the workout by increasing more energy expenditure.
2) Try to improve by 1 repetition (rep) on 1-5 exercises from the list of exercises above or increase the weight by 1-5 pounds.

3)  Slow down your rep cadence on each repetition by focusing on the muscle by lifting the weight and lowering the weight with strict control. This will increase the stress on the muscle and forces low the joints which will improve the quality and safety of your workout.

4) REALLY IMPORTANT: Avoid chatting/socialising during your workout, leave that for afterwards. This will improve your focus and intensity which will improve the quality of the workout and your results!

5) Try to consume water throughout your workout in 15 min segments. This will increase your concentration and avoid you getting dehydrated, which will make yo lose your strength.  2% worth of dehydration can cause 10% loss of strength! Try to have 2-3 litres of water spread throughout the day and try to sip the water!

6) Try to increase the intensity of your usual steady state cardiovascular training by changing to intervals of low intensity, alternated with higher intensity. This will increase the EPOC (Enhanced Post Oxygen Consumption)
of the workout,  so you burn calories many hours after the workout has finished