Kevin Webster
Since training with Paul I can really notice the difference in how I look and feel. He is a rare personal trainer who is very knowledgable about the science behind health and fitness, and his guidance on the best workout routine and nutrition has been invaluable. I like to make the most out of my visits to the gym and training with Paul means working hard, but it really gets the results. Whenever I am training with Paul I can always be sure I’ll be getting a good workout!

​​Luca Benazzi

I am in general quite skeptic about personal trainers as many of them are rather incompetent people whose teachings are based on fads more than anything substantial. With these respect, I regard Paul as belonging to the 5% of trainers who have an authentic passion for what they do and having delved deep into the topics they deal with, are ways more reliable than the average, when it comes to effective and safe training regimes. I also liked his positive attitude and was a pleasure to train with him, I felt that Paul was very supportive but without that somewhat euphoric state that many trainers need to keep their clients engaged".