My Philosophy

I train all my clients using the High Intensity Training system and obviously use the system myself.
H.I.T. is low impact, low force, resistance training.
This training system will give you better results, quickly, and with less risk of injury, compared to training programmes that lack the intensity to stimulate results such as are used by so called ‘modern’ training systems, which are often called ‘functional’.
These latter programmes will include exercises which are high impact/high force and result in unnecessary wear and tear on the body.

My objective as a personal trainer is to give you, the client, the safest, most effective and efficient programmes, so you are able to reach your main health and fitness goals in less time, without injury!

High Intensity Training has many years of research behind it and was created in the 1970's by Arthur Jones. Arthur Jones is the legendary brain behind ‘Nautilus’. In 1986, he founded MedX to perfect the testing of human strength, endurance and range of motion, validated by independent research teams at the University of Florida, after years of development and testing,.
There are 3 main principles a workout must adhere to, if you wish to see results from exercise. They are as follows

Intensity (This is the most important)

Intensity in exercise is measured as the degree of stress your muscles are under at any given time during an exercise. 100% intensity is when your muscles have reached momentary muscular failure. This is when the muscles can no longer generate enough force to move the resistance being placed on them from the exercise.
The workouts you perform must be of a high intensity to stimulate the desired adaptive response (Muscular development, increased strength, fat loss etc)

If the stress placed on the muscles isn't sufficient the muscles won't get stronger, as they need a reason/stimulus to adapt!


The workout needs to be brief in order to have a high intensity stress placed on the muscles/body.

This is because each high intensity set you perform makes deep inroads into the body’s recovery systems thus depleting your energy. If the workout is carried on for too long, the intensity/stimulus will drop off significantly, and consequently the results won't be as good!

The main aim of the workout is to provide the necessary stimulus with the least amount of work!


The workouts are performed infrequently to allow the body to have the amount of time it needs to recover and produce the adaptations from the workout.
The body first has to compensate for the energy it lost performing the workout, and then compensate once more to get stronger in case it comes up against the stress again in the future!
If you workout before the body has compensated for the previous workout, you will short circuit your results from the previous workout and not get stronger!This is why you see so many people looking the same, month after month even though they are going to the gym 4-5 days a week!