Q. Will I have to work hard in the personal training sessions with Paul Wylie?
A. Well the answer is yes, but within your own individual limits. Each workout, your conditioning will improve and you will be able to see this. The human body adapts to stress, so the workouts must be progressive in order to see results from workout to workout.  If you only keep doing what you can already do, then at best, you will merely maintain. But most likely you will regress!

Q.How much are the personal training sessions with Paul?
A. Each 30-35min session in the gym/common/park is £40

Q.How many personal training sessions will I need with Paul?
A. This will depend on your current conditioning level and what your goals are. In the initial consultation/session this will become clearer and goals will be set. Try to have one session a week with Paul to see desired results. Consistency is of paramount importance. Skipping sessions will not work.

Q.How quickly will I lose weight?
A.This is the most common question and gets asked a lot. The rate at which you lose weight depends on your metabolism, your age,  your diet and activity level. If you perform the workouts and take the diet advice from Paul you can lose 1-2lbs of fat a week. Again what you want is fat loss and not weight loss, which is losing muscle/water which will slow down your metabolism and make you weaker.  It will not make you  LEAN AND STRONG!

Q.How will I know if I am progressing in Paul’s sessions?
A. Paul will show you the workout log at the end of session and review the progress made. This will encourage and motivate you to keep working hard!

Q.How long do the personal training sessions last with Paul?
A. The session lasts 30-35mins mins, as the session has to be brief and intense in order to stimulate the adaptation process. If the workout is too long in duration your intensity will not be at the target level to achieve the desired result. If you train slowly and for a long time you will not achieve the same results as Paul’s short and intense programme. The first session is 1 hr this is for the correct demonstration of correct exercise technique and correct machine settings for each client.

Q.Where do the sessions take place?
A. The personal training sessions can take place in a gym which is designed for 1-1 training. 
Putney Gym, Studios 21-22 The arches
Winthorpe Road, Putney, London, SW15 2LW

​Sessions can also be taken in a local park/common.